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Once in a night club, a young and pretty girl dances in the middle of the crowd, it's Jenny. It is quickly noticed by the men who are at the bar. One of these guys is approaching and the dredge does not know that it is a ladyboy. Jenny and her new friend went to drink a lot of alcohol and plan to go into a dark corner to kiss. And what was to happen happened.

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Taking it for an innocent chick who has the fire in the ass, the guy is happy to escort him out in a corner of the parking lot. The two partners put themselves at ease and fiddle before kissing lasciviously. The guy has the tail already pointing his nose and that has serious desire to get wet in something. Seeing that, Jenny pleases her by gradually sucking her. It starts with a small licking of the end of the tail and then gently pushes the cock in his mouth while pressing the lips. Nothing better than a small pressure all along the tail. At the same time she shakes the nuts of the guy who does not return from the craziness that this damsel gives him with his tongue and his hands. But what he does not know is that she too is seriously bending.

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The guy takes her on her lap and tries to put her hand between the thighs of the girl to shake the pussy but the guy does not expect him to live a shemale sex. He rises with a start when he felt that the pretty girl had a cock. But the experiment is always tempting so it is easily convinced and the tranny lowers the frock, returns it then penetrates the anus with fervor without lubricant, she fucks him dryly and even makes cry of supplication. But little Jenny does nothing and continues to feel this ass always virgin and tight that quickly leads to orgasm.

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